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Sarasota 81
En el centro de todo y la avenida más elite de Santo DomingoIn the center of everything and the most elite avenue in Santo Domingo
Sarasota 81
Lo mejor de la Av. Sarasota espera por tíThe best of Sarasota avenue is waiting for you
Sarasota 81
Con las más impresionantes vistas al marWith the most impressive views of the sea
Sarasota 81
Con las más impresionantes vistas al marWith the most impressive views of the sea
Sarasota 81

Sarasota 81 is an apartment project located in the sector of Bella Vista, on the Sarasota Avenue of the National District, almost on the corner of Fernando Arturo Defilló Avenue, in the best area of Santo Domingo.

Meet Sarasota 81

Download our presentation to find out what Sarasota 81 can offer for you and yours.

Subject to change without prior notice. Please check availability at [email protected]

Project characteristics

  • Located on the same Avenue Sarasota No. 81, with access to all its attractions and amenities.
  • The most attractive views of the city and the sea depending on the apapartment.
  • Two, three or four parking spaces per apartment, according to the unit.
  • Two state-of-the-art elevators.
  • Spacious lobby furnished in marble. Designed and decorated professionally.
  • Surveillance camera systems that control the accesses, perimeters and common areas of the project.
  • Pool on level 16 with an amazing view of the sea.
  • Gym designed by BodyIgnition, with iPad Pro for individual routines, fully air-conditioned and equipped with LifeFitness machines.
  • The Clubhouse by Pedralbes: a spectacular social area type bar and lounge.
  • Children’s play area.
  • Terrace with outdoor cinema, including outdoor TV screen and BBQ.
  • Total coverage electric plant.
  • Fire system.
  • Intercom systems.
  • Common supply systems (common gas and water).
  • Electric gates.
  • Direct access to more than 5,000 square meters of park at your feet.

Characteristics of the apartments

  • Units of apartments of 103, 123 and 146 square meters of net construction, with a view of the city or the sea depending on the unit.
  • Two, three and four parking spaces according to the apartment that applies.
  • Two last generation lifts.
  • Pre-installation of Air Conditioner in all areas.
  • Loft and duplex available of 200 and 292 square meters of construction. Availability of 3 or 4 parking spaces for these apartments.
  • Excellent completion in the materials used.

Payment plan.

  • 40% initial and the remaining 60% upon delivery of the apartment in September 2023.

Project Construction Status


    Sales and Information

    Sales Departament
    Office: 809-688-9945(46)
    809-441-0033 / 829-638-3113 / 849-410-5703
    Sales: [email protected]

    Human Resources: [email protected]
    Suppliers: [email protected]

    Hours of operation from Monday to Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM
    and saturdays de 8:30AM - 12:00PM.

    Simón Bolívar Ave. 195, Torre Corporativa Bolívar 195, La Esperilla , Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.

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